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What are the advantages of carbon fiber car ?


What are the advantages of carbon fiber car ?

carbon fiber car

Four advantages of carbon fiber car

carbon fiber car

1. Lightweight: This is one of the fundamental advantages that carbon fiber data can be used in the car industry. The lighter body means that the power system of the car can play a greater role and the car can run faster and farther. The density of carbon fiber composite data is about 1.7g/cm3, only about 1/4 of steel. The weight of the vehicle can be reduced by about 35%, which not only greatly reduces the fuel consumption, but also is more environmental protection.
2. Durability: what is durability? It is clear that the service life is the length of the application. The overall chemical function of the carbon fiber composite data is stable, and the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance are excellent, the more 2-3 times the steel. The resin composition in the carbon fiber composite data is often the short board location of the function. If the thermoplastic resin can be used to blend with the connected carbon fiber, it will be better used in the car industry.
3. Safety: another feature of carbon fiber data is high modulus of strength, which means that carbon fiber can accept more load than steel, and can face faster speed up during internal driving. Through the test, it can be found that the tensile strength of carbon fiber composite data is about 3000mpa, which is 5 times of steel. If facing impact, it can better buffer pressure and improve the living space of passengers in disguise. Other carbon fiber data through special preparation, bump energy absorption function is better, further improve the safety of car personnel.

4. Beauty: those who like to modify cars should know the meaning of the word Black Warrior, pure black appearance, and fashionable planning. Besides driving, cars add a layer of pleasing beauty. Carbon fiber composite has clear texture function of black atmosphere, which makes Black Warrior more flexible and beautiful.

carbon fiber car

Three downwind in the application of carbon fiber car
1. Too high cost: there are several ways to apply carbon fiber composite data to cars. In the meantime, the price of pure carbon fiber data is not very high, which is much higher than the titanium alloy we know, which is the fundamental reason why many owners can not experience the charm of carbon fiber. Now, the situation of large-area application of carbon fiber composite data will be gathered on the high-end sports cars of several car factories. One car is a million price, which makes people daunting.
2. Deformation can hardly be corrected: the carbon fiber composite data still stays in the thermosetting stage. The carbon fiber car parts made by this method also inherit its functional defects. Once formed, it can not be molded twice, and the hardness of the carbon fiber is not high. Once there is a large damage, it will be completely abandoned and can not be corrected.
3. Complex structure planning: besides, the application of carbon fiber composite data to the car is a defect, which is not related to price and process. The carbon fiber composite materials are mostly produced by manual + machine technology. During the laying stage, it needs to be finished manually. In order to plan out the complex car component structure, it is difficult to plan and operate. This is also an important reason why carbon fiber composite materials can not be used in large quantities in the car industry.
The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber car application are more favorable than disadvantages. Moreover, carbon fiber can be used in overlapping with traditional metal and other composite materials. It is complementary to each other. The future of the car industry can not be expected

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